Should gameplay be ubiquitous? – The Great Gamification Debate (part 5/6)

By April 11, 2012Ideas

Ding. Ding. Ding. We’re tied going into the Final Round!
Steve argues in favour of ubiquitous gamification because happiness is the removal of boredom. He claims it’s more fun to think of it as making people happy. As long as it’s voluntary, fitting, and intrinsically motivating, we should do it. “If you do it wrong, gamification is like trying to find the right hammer to pound in the right screw. It’s not the right fit,” said Steve, “but if done right, we could make people more fulfilled and happy.”
Michael argues gamification poses several risks and he doesn’t recommend applying it everywhere. He goes on to give examples of how applying extrinsic rewards to activities has had negative effects on motivation. “There’s also a danger that gamification can infantilize us,” he said, “but gamification when applied properly gives us the opportunity to become more empowered because we can choose our own goals and work towards achieving them.”
Watch and find out who wins!

Recorded live Feb 2nd 2012 in Vancouver’s Gastown.

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On cameras: James Darby, Alan Burns, Jesse Spink and Shehani Kay
Post production editing: Alan Burns